Engineers Propose Solution for San Francisco’s…

Engineers Propose Solution for San Francisco’s…

  • Beverly Barnett
  • 08/10/17

Engineers may have found a solution for San Francisco’s sinking Millennium Tower. (Photo: Dezeen)
Engineers Propose Solution for San Francisco’s...

San Francisco’s sinking skyscraper has descended another inch, but engineers have come up with a potential fix. The Millennium Tower now sits 17 inches (43 centimetres) lower than when it opened in 2008 – down a further inch in the past seven months – according to local news source SFGate . The 58-storey luxury condominium tower is also leaning 14 inches (36 centimetres) to the north at its roof, two more inches compared to the previous measurement taken in January 2017. Arup Group recently released a report showing that the rate of sinking ​​​​​​​remains steady, and that cracking is continuing in the basement. Therefore developer Millennium Partners has called in two engineering firms to come up with solutions to prevent the Handel Architects…

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